Sotrafilm Range are multilayer co-extrusion films, manufactured in base to LDPE, LLDPE (lineal) or both, and different thicknesses depending on the application required.


Mulching technique is designed to protect crops and soil against damaging atmospheric agents, which can dry the ground, cause crop and fruit deterioration and rid the earth of useful nutrients, necessary for the development of plants.


Advantages of mulching with plastic films:

  • Prevents evaporation of water from the soil, allowing for a constant and regular alimentation of crops.
  • Prevents harsh changes in ground temperature both diurnally and nocturnally.
  • Allows greater ground fertility as high temperature and humidity allow for more absorption of nitrogen and other nutrients.
  • Prevents weed growth, as the opacity of the material make the ground resistant to sun light.
  • Prevents direct contact of crops with the soil, thus obtaining a more commercial presentation and quality.

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