Alvatech Geomembranes

 Waterproofing with polyethylene geomembranes has some advantages in respect of other kinds of waterproofing such as:

  • High Chemical resistance: probably the polymer with the highest resistance to acids attack, alkalis, organic solvents and inorganic.
  • High Mechanical resistance in a wide range of temperature.
  • Durability: many studies show that life expectancy of geomembranes is over 100 years, even exposed to weather conditions.
  • Possibility of checking the tightness of the welds.
  • The use of large sheet widths reduces the number of welds on site.
  • Flexibility and versatility in a wide range of applications.
  • Competitive prices of product and installation.




SOTRAFA SA is a manufacturer belonging to the Armando Alvarez Group, a leader in polyethylene film and sheet processing in Spain and one of the first in Europe, with an annual production of over 300.000 tones.

Since 2005 Sotrafa has manufactured and supplied more than 40 million square meters of Geomembrane for many applications, both hydraulic and environmental.

 Our activity is designed to two different sections: agricultural and horticultural market development and environmental protection with our waterproofing geomembranes, used for a good water management and as insulator of polluting products and waste.

Our Range of Geomembranes:

  •  HDPE Geomembrane Alvatech 5002: High Density Polyethylene, smooth both sides.
  • HDPE Geomembrane Alvatech FIX: High Density Polyethylene, structured on one or two faces.
  • Geomembrane Alvatech LLDPE: Low Linear Polyethylene.
  • Geomembrane Alvatech VLDPE: Very Low Density Polyethylene.  
  • LDPE Geomembrane: Low Density Polyethylene waterproofing sheet.
  • HDPE Profile Type “E”,
  •  All the range of geomembranes are manufactured under the Quality Certification ISO 9001, comfortably complying with the quality standards required by current regulations in each market:
  •  European Standards: UNE-EN 13361:2005 (water reservoirs) // UNE-EN 13362:2006 (irrigation channels) // UNE-EN 13491:2006 (tunnels and underground works) // UNE-EN 13492:2006 (landfills and liquid waste) // UNE-EN 13493:2006 (landfills and solids). And quality labels like ASQUAL.
  • Standards GRI GM13 HDPE Geomembranes, smooth and structured.

 Manufacturing our products, we only use top brand resins that are 100% virgin. Depending on the thickness, Sotrafa guarantee a perfect performance of the geomembrane for 10 years.


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