Small & Medium Tunnels

Sotraforce Range


Sotraforce range is a complete range of films for Small and Medium tunnels as protective cover for crops, manufactured in multilayer co-extrusion system and different thicknesses.


Properties and Applications

In small tunnels, heat loss is much greater. Sotraforce range has a thermo isolating effect avoiding heat loss particularly at night.

These films are ideal as floating and thermic protective cover for crops, getting a favoured climatology for yields.

Sotraforce range could be Non thermic: SOTRAFORCE NT and SOTRAFORCE NT UV, and the Thermic range: SOTRAFORCE DH (Diffused/Hals) and SOTRAFORCE TH (Transparent/Hals).


Non Thermic Range
SOTRAFORCE NT and SOTRAFORCE NT UV (reinforced with UV stabilizers).

The non thermic films are normally used for increasing yields and for covering under external conditions and cooling risks.


Thermic Range
SOTRAFORCE DH (Diffused / Hals) and SOTRAFORCE TH (Transparent / Hals).

These films are normally manufactured from EVA copolymers and LDPE, and are normally used for earlier crops. Recommended for watermelons, tomatoes, courgettes, strawberries, etc …



  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • Very strong tear resistance.
  • Good transmission of visible light, enhancing the plants development and fruits precocity.
  • Available with anti condensation agents.
  • Available with perforations or plantation frames to allow ventilation, avoiding high temperatures inside tunnels.





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